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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about skipping any more winter sewing that I’ve been wanting to do and just go right into spring! So that when spring rolls around, the kids already have clothes made for them, and then I can skip the whole, going to the store and buy things portion of the season! This plan though, will doubtfully happen, since I seem to constantly be behind on things… Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day, and a bunch of those are supposed to be dedicated to sleep hahaha.

But while I’m being hopeful about this idea, I dawned on me I could at least use some stash fabrics that was reminiscent of spring for my next project… Which happened to be a test sew for MadeIt Patterns. You guys know (if you don’t already!) how much I adore MadeIt Patterns. I seriously need to make them more often, because they’re always satisfying and they’re the patterns I have to alter the least for my kiddos measurements. Woot woot to THAT!

This time around, it happened to be the Spin Dress. This is their first (of I hope many to come!) pattern in their No Frills pattern range. Simply put, the pattern comes with basic instructions for sewing the garment, which means that with a less detailed booklet, you get the pattern at a cheaper rate. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean (in my opinion) that you wouldn’t be able to sew this up if you’re a beginner! Since this dress really isn’t fussy and doesn’t require any technique, a beginner should be able to sew this up if they know their sewing terms (i.e. shoulder seam, etc.)

For this dress, I sewed up a size 6 with an 8 length. I could easily have went down to a size 5, but I was hoping to have room to grow into it for spring. Next time, I’ll be make a size 5! Since she has deemed it an essential part of her wardrobe for NOW and has worn it a handful of times since I finished it! The dress is a really quick sew. It took me less then an hour to sew up. I think what took me the longest was hemming the circle skirt, since I choose to do that right after I put the little one down for bed and had to be quiet…. I have never taken so long to hem anything in my life until now. Hahahaha.

As you can tell from these pictures, the spinability of this dress is probably the best part for this girl! A loves a good dress and the twirl factor has put it at the top of her favourites! Not to much the watermelons! I purchased this fabric last year from Spoonflower. It’s printed on their modern jersey substrate, which I love! I have yet to try the other knit substrates, but the modern jersey is light, airy and has good recovery!

As you can tell, we had a lot of fun taking these pictures! We goofed around, spun around and just giggled away while I snapped these… Not pictured are all the other kids goofing off to the side 😉 The kids were all home again for another snow day… Which for this one, meant waking up to no school AND a new dress… yup, can’t be beat. Although what did I get done that day?!? Nada! Oh well, it’s nice to have them home though on these random days. Because it’s really the one thing I miss the most when they leave for school is those little moments we used to have.


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Owlet Sweater and a new year?!?!?!

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Since my last post in November (!??!?) life has been busy! And I’ve been neglecting this little old blog. But I figured a refresh was in order and I’m catching up on posting about the makes I’ve done in the past couple of months, as well as some brand new makes! Woot woot! So don’t mind the blog as I’m slowly trying to figure out how to make the site just like I want it, it’s a work in progress after all 😉 But for now, how about some cute knitting?!

I’ve picked up my knitting needles over the past few months and more or less fallen back in love with knitting again! It’s been awesome, and I’m hoping to never get out of it again! Fear not, I’ve also been sewing, but knitting, when it’s frigid out and you just don’t want to pull out your sewing machine has been a welcome break. So to start, I went through my favourites list on ravelry and picked one pattern, randomly almost, to just get started. Luckily for me, I chose to do this owlet sweater.

I grabbed this chunky Estelle yarn from my local shop, and it being such a ‘small’ sweater in such a cozy thick yarn, it turned out great! Plus seeing as how I was booted out of the house for a week due to some construction demo that was happening, I had lots of time on my hands and was able to knit it up in a week! Seriously, I was amazed at myself!! I’ve never knit something so fast, but it was soooo addicting! The yarn is super comfy and I’ve thrown it in the wash a handful of times already, since it’s in heavy rotation for the babe.

I learned a few things while knitting this up! This was my first bottom up sweater, which I was a tad nervous about since I didn’t know how the armholes would go, but it was super easy! And definitely made me feel good learning this techniques. I’ve also never done cable work before, and I think this sweater was a good entry level sweater for that! Notice on cables of the main body of the owl, theyre identical to each other, instead of one going one way and the other vice versa… I only figured that portion out when I was at the horns. Apparently I read the pattern wrong and didn’t even know it. Hubs says it’s not noticeable, so I just left it. But definitely something to keep in mind next time I do cable work 🙂

Overall though I’m pleased with the results! I’ve also got some selfish knitting planned for this year, but these small kiddo projects have definitely been a good start!



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Ghostbuster’s Halloween

Another Halloween has come and come, and with it, only one thrifted/handmade costume was worn! I’m actually pretty happy that one got finished! lol. This was an 11th hour make, since last week L decided that he no longer wanted to be Batman, but instead, a ghostbuster! The kids found the original Ghostbuster’s movie on Netflix last week, and it’s been on non stop!

So I really wasn’t surprised by his decision… And a tad happy I hadn’t started on the batman costume yet. This is when procrastination pays off 😉 So for his costume, I had grand plans of making him a coverall, and add patches and the likes. But I ended up thrifting the majority of his costume, which I’m glad I did. It was both much easier, and much quicker to accomplish! Here’s a quick recap of how we (because hubs definitely helped!) did it…

So for the pants, I just grabbed a larger pair of beige pants from the thrift shop, so it would fit over a pair of rain paints or even snow pants if the need arose! Thankfully, I did not! And the shirt is where all of the sewing went into. It was a men’s large, which I significantly brought it along the sleeve/side seam (about 3″ on each side). I then cut the sleeves to about an inch longer then his jacket, which I was using as a guide. And same with the bottom.

We then made a ghostbuster patch to go on his sleeve using felt and some white denim I had on hand and stitched it along the edges to keep it in place. And for the name tag, I freehanded the letters of his name on the sewing machine, then stitched it in place above the breast pocket that was already there.

The backpack was all hubs! He used a shoe box that he spray painted black, added some holes to accommodate this powder coating gun he had in his shop (the black box, wires and gun are all one system), and added a green tube we found at the dollar store to cover up some of the wires that go from the gun to it’s black box. To make it an actual backpack… We inserted one of L’s small backpacks in the shoe box and just left the straps as is. And finally, we pulled out a toolbelt from the dress up box to make a holster for the gun.

Overall, he absolutely loved the way it turned out! And the shirt and pants will find a home in the dress up box for a while. Meanwhile, we need to remake him a more usable dress up version of the backpack since the powder coating gun needs to go back in the shop haha. The two older kids wound up picking store bought over handmade costumes (A was going to raid the dress up box for this costume, but a friend lent her this one… And C, well his just wasn’t done and I found a Flash his size at the store… which he was just as thrilled to wear!… Oh and the babe, well J just wound up wearing a snowsuit haha)

Hope you guys had a lovely (and warm?!) Halloween!

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Joker Tees

I’m still in denial… That Halloween is a week away, that thanksgiving (here in Canada) has already come and gone, and that I’m seeing posts about snow in my facebook feed! I still can’t believe September and October are behind us!
Time has really flown! Which sounds so cliché, and I feel like I’m saying this week after week, but seriously, I feel like I haven’t seen the days go by at all. At this point in fall, we are full in to our fall/winter schedule with the kids, which means we’re at the rink pretty much 7 days a week (double it up on some days too!). So my sewing time has been super limited, that and add our on going renovation, I just haven’t had it in me to pull out my sewing machine really often lately.

Which is too bad because I have about a million projects all cut out and ready to sew. Yup! So to get back into the grind of things, I thought it’d be satisfying to whip up a couple more tees for L. I grabbed this panel/coord print from TKB Prints when they had some retail. Since we still have a Batman obsession happening, I thought it would be fun to add these Joker themed tees in the mix.

I may have inadvertently (or not) ordered some of the Batman fabric that’ll be included in this series in their preorder round. But this guy is loving these tees so much that I just couldn’t help myself! His face literally lit right up when he saw the fabric sitting on the kitchen table, especially the Joker, absolutely contrary to hubs who looked at it and pretty much said ‘who is this supposed to be?!?’. L loves the other tees I’ve made with the similar Flash panels, you can see them here and here. So these were a no brainer.

So for anyone who’s new to the panel/coord sets (like I was a few months ago!), a one yard cut will include approximately a half yard of the coordinating fabric (in this case the haha fabric) and four panels. Which means from this designer, I have two sets of each panel. So I’m really looking forward to using up the other two panels for tees for C. Especially since he claimed the ‘why so serious’ one as soon as he saw it!

But back to L’s tees… Pattern wise, I used the Safari Raglan from Titchy Threads (again!!!) I made the size 5 again for L, and as usual, it fits perfectly! This is probably one of my most used patterns. I love how easy it is every.single.time. I made these assembly line style in about an hour and a half (because you know… I somehow changed the tension settings and had to mess around with that for a bit)

The only things I’m currently debating is making the Haha tee into a pyjama set. I have a little bit of the fabric left, which made me wonder if I could sew up some sort of matching bottom to go with it. I just thought it might be too much print for him.

But he surprised me and almost wore this one to school today! So now I’m not sure… I think I’ll go through the amount of fabric I have left (not much… but there’s no sense wasting any! lol) and see what it is I could make with it. That way, if I don’t have enough to make PJs with it, I could use it for patch pocket details, or neckbands or dare I say undies?!?!? I’ve never gone into that territory before….

What do you tend to do with knit scraps? Save and hoard them? Have you made undies with them? I’d love to hear any suggestions 🙂

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The Fastest Man Tee

There’s finally some evidence of the other flash tee, because you know, it was photographed and blogged 😉 As I previously stated here, we’ve been obsessing over superheroes around these parts lately. Some have their favourites, and some are just open to all! This guy here, is a definite flash fan!

So much so, that he wants his goalie gear to reflect that this year, which means I’m now on the hunt for a decent sized flash sticker for his helmet. And that as soon as he saw the opportunity to grab this tee for himself, he swiped it! Yup, he didn’t even last in L’s drawers! Which is kinda funny, since L had deemed he hated this top, but as soon as he saw C wearing it, he loooooooved it so much that he wanted nothing to do with C wearing it. Brotherly love at it’s best 😉

So back to the tee, the front bodice piece is once again a panel (yup… addicted!), which coordinated with this flash panel, both of which are from TKB Prints, a custom fabric order group on facebook. Although it’s not as noticeable here, I used the safari raglan from Titchy Threads so that the panel would fit well on the bodice piece. I sewed up a size 5, without any length added since it was intended for L. It fits ok on C, but I can guarantee it won’t last long in his drawer.

To match it, I used a black jersey. Although the match isn’t perfect it will do. The thing is, the black jersey is entirely dyed, meanwhile the panel is black printed on white, so you can tell there’s a tad difference in the colouring, but it’s what I had expected. No worries there, I’m guessing it’s probably pretty common.

And before I took all these shots of C, I did ask L if he’d take pictures of his new tee for me…. Yup, he was NOT amused and wouldn’t even put it on. I got one (maybe two?!?) pictures of him standing there with the top resting on his chest and he was done. Ugh, oh well! lol
After all this summer sewing though, I think I’m going to start focusing on fall/winter wardrobes soon. Tees are always handy, no matter the season, but pants and sweaters and possibly coats will be in order soon! School starts in just over a week, so I’ll be getting some more time back to keep sewing, woohoo!!!