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The Making of a Mermaid

Last week A turned 7…holy crap 7!!! I’m still not over it! How can my sweet little baby girl be 7 already?! I was pretty much a wreck all week…I don’t know why, it just threw me for a loop. I think I finally grasped that she is getting so big. Since March Break happens to be this week, I had asked the kids if they wanted any new dress up toys to play with. A automatically asked for a mermaid tail (The Little Mermaid has been on constant reruns on the Disney channel….), so I looked up tutorials online and found this one post by Celina of Petit a Petit on The Sewing Rabbit

I had shown it to A thinking this was going to be a project for us to do during the break, but alas, I ran out of sewing time on my original gift and decided to sew this bad boy of a tail the night before! Seriously, from cutting to sewing, this tail takes no time at all.

When A opened up the box it was in, she was ecstatic! It put a huge smile on her face and she wore it for the entire day. Which was a great reward, especially when you think of how simple this project was. I followed all the directions to the tee, but I think the only thing I might add is some velcro on the belt portion, since A still has a hard time making bows and even L likes to put it on since he doesn’t really know any better.

I’m hoping to get a couple of other small dress up projects done this week (or next) for the kids, since it happens to be one of their favourite things to do. So be looking out for those! And just a heads up, I’ve been requested a lot of animal dress up, so things such as tails, masks and ears will be in there. 🙂 

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    Mohammad Salauddin
    April 22, 2016 at 10:25 am

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