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The Fastest Man Tee

There’s finally some evidence of the other flash tee, because you know, it was photographed and blogged 😉 As I previously stated here, we’ve been obsessing over superheroes around these parts lately. Some have their favourites, and some are just open to all! This guy here, is a definite flash fan!

So much so, that he wants his goalie gear to reflect that this year, which means I’m now on the hunt for a decent sized flash sticker for his helmet. And that as soon as he saw the opportunity to grab this tee for himself, he swiped it! Yup, he didn’t even last in L’s drawers! Which is kinda funny, since L had deemed he hated this top, but as soon as he saw C wearing it, he loooooooved it so much that he wanted nothing to do with C wearing it. Brotherly love at it’s best 😉

So back to the tee, the front bodice piece is once again a panel (yup… addicted!), which coordinated with this flash panel, both of which are from TKB Prints, a custom fabric order group on facebook. Although it’s not as noticeable here, I used the safari raglan from Titchy Threads so that the panel would fit well on the bodice piece. I sewed up a size 5, without any length added since it was intended for L. It fits ok on C, but I can guarantee it won’t last long in his drawer.

To match it, I used a black jersey. Although the match isn’t perfect it will do. The thing is, the black jersey is entirely dyed, meanwhile the panel is black printed on white, so you can tell there’s a tad difference in the colouring, but it’s what I had expected. No worries there, I’m guessing it’s probably pretty common.

And before I took all these shots of C, I did ask L if he’d take pictures of his new tee for me…. Yup, he was NOT amused and wouldn’t even put it on. I got one (maybe two?!?) pictures of him standing there with the top resting on his chest and he was done. Ugh, oh well! lol
After all this summer sewing though, I think I’m going to start focusing on fall/winter wardrobes soon. Tees are always handy, no matter the season, but pants and sweaters and possibly coats will be in order soon! School starts in just over a week, so I’ll be getting some more time back to keep sewing, woohoo!!!

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