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T-shirt to dress sewing project

Last year hubs bought me a sewing machine for my birthday (and noooo, it wasn’t a hint, I asked for one), my original intention with the sewing machine was to use it for scrapbooking. But now that I’ve seen so many awesome sewing blogs I’ve become inspired to sew clothes for the kids (and maybe even myself?!). Now don’t forget, I’m learning! I’ve never really sewn anything other then a straight line to hem my curtains (and even that was a bit of a fail because I just realized last week that I’ve been threading my bobbin wrong this ENTIRE time! No wonder I kept getting frustrated…haha).

A few months ago I came across this tutorial from Make it & Love it, to turn an old t-shirt into a dress. My first thoughts when I saw this was that not only does this look easy…but it has super cute results! I bought material a while back from my local sew & quilt shop, and finally decided that I was going to use it to do this tutorial, bummer was, I didn’t have a t-shirt (and seriously, I didn’t have a SINGLE t-shirt to use since this kiddo pretty much only wears dresses!). So I waited until I could get my hands on one. 
I went to my local Goodwill and finally, after months of waiting, I got one for 2$! I pretty much flew home and pulled my fabric and sewing machine out. I was super excited. Now, in my rush, I only half remembered the tutorial so I skimmed really quick (so smart huh), and pretty much just winged it. I must say though that I should have payed attention to the measurements for the skirt part because I did want it to have more twirl factor, but A loves it anyways, and for a first try (without rereading the tutorial) I think it turned out good. 
Next time though, I will make sure to reread because it is a good tutorial! (I was just too excited).

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