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SSW Day 1 – A Biker’s Peplum

So…I can’t believe it’s that time of year again!!! Selfish Sewing Week!!! If you haven’t heard about this event before, it’s hosted by Rachael of imagine gnats, where the idea is to sew for yourself ALL WEEK LONG (kind of like Kid’s Clothes Week but for instead) Seeing as how I’ve been trying to make it my goal to start sewing for myself more often this year, this is the perfect excuse to push aside every kiddo project that I’ve got a) going on, b) plan on starting and c) that I’ve been dreading getting to haha.

For my first make, I decided to try my hand at another Penelope Peplum by See Kate Sew. You can see my first attempt here. I had grabbed this awesome Cherie bicycle knits from imagine gnats a few weeks ago and knew that I wanted to use it for myself. What can I say…I love my bike! And the first thing that came to mind was to try this pattern out again.

This AGF knit again is super comfy! I mean, I’ve been wearing the top all day at this point in the pictures and can’t get enough of it. It hasn’t stretched out and the drape is really nice. According to my measurements, I sewed up a medium and left the top length pretty much as is. Now I have a confession for you guys….I’m not sure I’m crazy about the peplum style on me….I think it’s more about where the ruffled area of the top hits me. I feel like straight on, it kind of highlights my hips…because let’s be honest…I’VE GOT HIPS!!!

I plan on attempting this top again (maybe this week if I have time….), I think I may shorten the bodice and lengthen the skirt just to see how it sits. Other then that, I’m hoping to knock a bunch of patterns/fabrics off my ‘to sew’ list so stay tuned for that! But in the mean time, for more inspiration, make sure to check out all the other featured stitchers! PLUS, if that’s not enough, Rachael has a giveaway going on where there are 41 prizes to be won! So make sure to enter the giveaway here.

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