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Spring KAL – Finally a decision has been made!

If you recall my last Spring KAL post, I was a bit lost! I couldn’t find any yarn close to what I needed for the lace pullover I picked. I wasn’t sure if I was going to order it online or start from scratch. Here is a reminder of what the lace pullover looks like:

I was pretty bummed when I couldn’t find any lace. But finally (after factoring in the cost of the yarn since I didn’t originally know the price of when I picked this) I opted to start from scratch. A Debbie Bliss magazine caught my eye the last time I went into my local yarn store and really, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, so I decided to go back and flip through the patterns to see if any called for me to make them (and a couple sure did!). So I grabbed it and ran! (well, almost, I made a quick pit stop to grab some yarn and at the cash register…just keeping it real!). This is what I will now be making for my Spring KAL (which if it keeps up at this rate will be more of a summer KAL since I think it’s actually over last week or this week?!?).
Now, before I could start working on it over the weekend I had to make a run out to Michaels to grab the right size needles to start. And guess what I found while I was there?!?

That’s right, I found yarn for the lace pullover! Couldn’t believe it! It’s not the exact same, but close enough that I shouldn’t really have to tweak the pattern much for it to work 🙂 I’m so excited! And the best part, it’s half the price of the original lace yarn I was going to get! 

While I was there (and before forgetting because of the yarn excitement!) I also grabbed the needles I needed and got to work straight away on the striped yoke pattern. Can’t wait to get to the stripes (still trying to figure out which colours I will use for those, my main is just a nice light grey…). Anybody out there sewing anything for themselves right now? After this I have a pretty massive (and continuously growing) to knit list for the kids (and maybe one or two things for myself).  
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