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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about skipping any more winter sewing that I’ve been wanting to do and just go right into spring! So that when spring rolls around, the kids already have clothes made for them, and then I can skip the whole, going to the store and buy things portion of the season! This plan though, will doubtfully happen, since I seem to constantly be behind on things… Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day, and a bunch of those are supposed to be dedicated to sleep hahaha.

But while I’m being hopeful about this idea, I dawned on me I could at least use some stash fabrics that was reminiscent of spring for my next project… Which happened to be a test sew for MadeIt Patterns. You guys know (if you don’t already!) how much I adore MadeIt Patterns. I seriously need to make them more often, because they’re always satisfying and they’re the patterns I have to alter the least for my kiddos measurements. Woot woot to THAT!

This time around, it happened to be the Spin Dress. This is their first (of I hope many to come!) pattern in their No Frills pattern range. Simply put, the pattern comes with basic instructions for sewing the garment, which means that with a less detailed booklet, you get the pattern at a cheaper rate. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean (in my opinion) that you wouldn’t be able to sew this up if you’re a beginner! Since this dress really isn’t fussy and doesn’t require any technique, a beginner should be able to sew this up if they know their sewing terms (i.e. shoulder seam, etc.)

For this dress, I sewed up a size 6 with an 8 length. I could easily have went down to a size 5, but I was hoping to have room to grow into it for spring. Next time, I’ll be make a size 5! Since she has deemed it an essential part of her wardrobe for NOW and has worn it a handful of times since I finished it! The dress is a really quick sew. It took me less then an hour to sew up. I think what took me the longest was hemming the circle skirt, since I choose to do that right after I put the little one down for bed and had to be quiet…. I have never taken so long to hem anything in my life until now. Hahahaha.

As you can tell from these pictures, the spinability of this dress is probably the best part for this girl! A loves a good dress and the twirl factor has put it at the top of her favourites! Not to much the watermelons! I purchased this fabric last year from Spoonflower. It’s printed on their modern jersey substrate, which I love! I have yet to try the other knit substrates, but the modern jersey is light, airy and has good recovery!

As you can tell, we had a lot of fun taking these pictures! We goofed around, spun around and just giggled away while I snapped these… Not pictured are all the other kids goofing off to the side 😉 The kids were all home again for another snow day… Which for this one, meant waking up to no school AND a new dress… yup, can’t be beat. Although what did I get done that day?!? Nada! Oh well, it’s nice to have them home though on these random days. Because it’s really the one thing I miss the most when they leave for school is those little moments we used to have.


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