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Owlet Sweater and a new year?!?!?!

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Since my last post in November (!??!?) life has been busy! And I’ve been neglecting this little old blog. But I figured a refresh was in order and I’m catching up on posting about the makes I’ve done in the past couple of months, as well as some brand new makes! Woot woot! So don’t mind the blog as I’m slowly trying to figure out how to make the site just like I want it, it’s a work in progress after all 😉 But for now, how about some cute knitting?!

I’ve picked up my knitting needles over the past few months and more or less fallen back in love with knitting again! It’s been awesome, and I’m hoping to never get out of it again! Fear not, I’ve also been sewing, but knitting, when it’s frigid out and you just don’t want to pull out your sewing machine has been a welcome break. So to start, I went through my favourites list on ravelry and picked one pattern, randomly almost, to just get started. Luckily for me, I chose to do this owlet sweater.

I grabbed this chunky Estelle yarn from my local shop, and it being such a ‘small’ sweater in such a cozy thick yarn, it turned out great! Plus seeing as how I was booted out of the house for a week due to some construction demo that was happening, I had lots of time on my hands and was able to knit it up in a week! Seriously, I was amazed at myself!! I’ve never knit something so fast, but it was soooo addicting! The yarn is super comfy and I’ve thrown it in the wash a handful of times already, since it’s in heavy rotation for the babe.

I learned a few things while knitting this up! This was my first bottom up sweater, which I was a tad nervous about since I didn’t know how the armholes would go, but it was super easy! And definitely made me feel good learning this techniques. I’ve also never done cable work before, and I think this sweater was a good entry level sweater for that! Notice on cables of the main body of the owl, theyre identical to each other, instead of one going one way and the other vice versa… I only figured that portion out when I was at the horns. Apparently I read the pattern wrong and didn’t even know it. Hubs says it’s not noticeable, so I just left it. But definitely something to keep in mind next time I do cable work 🙂

Overall though I’m pleased with the results! I’ve also got some selfish knitting planned for this year, but these small kiddo projects have definitely been a good start!



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