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Our Biggest Project Yet

Man it’s been a while since I’ve written on here… and it’s been so long since I’ve checked on this site that I’ve somehow seemed to have lost all the previous posts. Darn it! So let’s start fresh shall we?!

There’s been a lot of things going on around here! If you follow me already on instagram, you’ll have noticed that we’ve decided to undertake our biggest project yet. We’ve decided to finally renovate our house into our dream home. We originally purchased this house 8 years ago, back when we were still pregnant with our third child. At the time, we probably considered this just a start house. Jay had plans on moving on within 5 years of purchasing the house, where as I wasn’t sure what we would do, but knew we would outgrow it eventually. At just under 1000 sq/ft, it definitely isn’t a big house.

Our plans were always to put some sort of small addition on to the house, fix it up and then go from there. Since living here though, we’ve become a family of 6 and the housing market in our area as definitely at least doubled in price, which has made finding a house with enough space (both indoors and outdoors, since we’re not really tight subdivision people) out of the question. And we’ve decided it’s time to build that addition to make this our forever home!

We did a lot of research and drew up quite a few plans, and ultimately, we decided we wanted to build up rather than out. Here are the factors that came into play and what helped make our decision:

  • we love our yard and the amount of outdoor space we currently have, and really didn’t want to lose any by using it for square footage;
  • Jay wanted to replace the plywood under the shingles in a few years since the sheets were starting to bend and warp a bit, which would also mean replacing the shingles;
  • and we would be building a garage off to the side of the house, which means there was no roof there yet and it would be easier to add a second story there at that stage.

By going with this design, we feel like we’re getting the best of both worlds! I’ll be sharing our progress here for any of those that are interested in this sort of thing 🙂 And if not, I’ve got a bunch of sewing posts coming back at your shortly 😉

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