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My first pair of socks….

I’m not too sure what I was waiting for, the right pattern maybe, or just the right time, either way, socks just weren’t really on my knitting radar. But that changed when Journey by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook came out. I sat there looking over all those gorgeous pictures wondering…where am I going to start!?!

This book is seriously decked out in patterns I want to try! My original thoughts were that I was going to start with the Spate mitts pattern, since it has been so darn cold around these parts (pretty much everywhere though hasn’t it!?) and getting into your car at -30C during that polar vortex in early January was not a fun proposition… But then I received my book in the mail, and everything kind of changed. Suddenly, I was really REALLY excited to start on the Climb socks. And that’s just what I did last night during Superbowl 🙂

I picked up my lovely alpaca yarn last week at my local store, and drove all around town looking for size 2 bamboo dpns. Seriously folks, is it that hard to find bamboo needles in that size!? (picture me shaking my fist here…because seriously?!?) And I can answer that, yes, yes it is! It’s also got me wondering if everyone is knitting socks right now…

So anyways, I sucked it up at the last place I tried and bought the metal ones instead, sure, they were cheaper, but I am absolutely feeling it now though! The finish on the needle is already starting to come off, which is a huge bummer, and I’m hoping they don’t snag on the yarn too much, but I’m sucking it up until I’m done this pair to go and grab a set of bamboo.

Project details can be found here, along with my yarn info: Climb Socks
Happy Monday 🙂 

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