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Kitty Stamped Geranium – A KCW Make


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend (and Mother’s Day for those celebrating!). Ours was spent around the house and hitting up what appears to be THE place to go to… the greenhouse. Since we’ve been planning on renovating the house, we’re also trying to think of ways to make the landscape more appealing. But that subject is for an entirely different post of it’s own…

Meanwhile, we’ve been getting lots of much needed rain over the last 24 hours, so I figured what better way to brighten up a day then with another Geranium Dress! If you recall in my last post, I mentioned that I had decided to make five of these for Kid’s Clothes Week. Well this is number two!

This dress is identical in details to the previous octopi dress. This time, I used this double gauze from Miss Matatabi that I’ve been hoarding since Labour Day weekend. I just couldn’t make up my mind on what to make with it. The heart/kitty shaped watercolour print was just too cute. Ironically enough, I had originally thought about making a Washi Dress for myself with it (the grown up version of the Geranium Dress). But I just haven’t had the energy to cut into it for myself quite yet, and I’ve got another Washi I have yet to finish first…. So this little misses wound up getting the fabric (and I have lots left over for another project still…)


Either way, she’s quite pleased with this dress. And I think it’ll make a great summer piece, since it’s nice and lightweight, but not sheer. And the drape of this stuff is just amazing!

I paired the dress with some hot pink buttons (pictured terribly below)…. I have to adjust the bottom button since it’s a tad too high, but other then that I’m super happy with how these contrast with the green and add a fun pop of colour to the back of the dress. I really need to play with contrast accents more 😉

Well, if I keep this up, maybe I’ll have them all posted this week 😉 I’ve got three more to ‘finalized’… in other words, get pictures of and add buttons to (so I’m not going to consider them KCW makes anymore buuuuuut it did get my motivation going on these!) I’ve also got a couple more things that I’m hoping to share with you this week. So stay tuned!

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    Angela Kijauskas
    May 13, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    Ooh, I love that fabric! The varigation in the green really makes it look hand-done, but boy would that be a lot of work. 😀

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