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Kitchen Menu Board

I had this craving of trying out chalkboard paint like no tomorrow! I bought it about….ummm…6 months ago?!? The only problem was I just didn’t know where to put it! And finally, after much debating (because I really didn’t want to waste any!)…I opted with doing a menu board in the kitchen. To give you an idea, we’ve already painted the kitchen white (it was ‘au naturel’ before…lovely as in, dark and dingy!), and I figured we could put the menu board on the side of the pantry! Here’s a quick before shot of what the kitchen looked like:

Hubs painted the kitchen white last winter so now I had the perfect base for my menu board…but here I am thinking I could liven up the menu board a bit more. So I went back to Home Depot and grabbed some magnetic paint and some simple trim.

To start, I measured where I wanted the magnetic board and how big it would be and taped it out. Then I applied the magnetic paint first. Now first off…make sure that you don’t bother with an expensive roller/paint tray for the magnetic paint! It is a NIGHTMARE to clean that stuff off! Trust me…I had paint stuck on my hands for a week after I attempted (for over an hour) to clean the roller and tray. Also make sure that if you ever decide to use this, to cover the floors since the metal particles (the part that actually make it ‘magnetic’) do splatter off your roller as you’re painting. So now, here I was, gone almost insane from trying to paint this stuff on and then removing it. I tested it out, and unfortunitly, I definetly woudln’t recommend using magnetic paint. I used Rust-o-leum’s Magnetic Paint (which also claims on the can to be x3 stronger then their original), followed the steps, and unfortunetly, magnetics barely stick (they have to be the really light ones), much less hold anything up 🙁

Now, I was a bit bummed at this point, and to try to turn this around (here I am hoping that the chalkboard paint works better!), I started with the chalkboard paint. Oh my gosh it was soooo much easier to work with! Again I followed the directions on the can (I used Rust-o-Leum’s Chalkboard Paint) and the results were awesome.

To finish it all off, I added some trim that I painted Lemon Twist (same colour as the front door) just to tie it in with everything else. Now here’s what it looks like:

I have about half a can of chalkboard paint left….what do you think I should use it for next!?!

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