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KCW – Tie Dye Edition

As part of Kid’s Clothes Week, I had sworn to myself that I would try some of the techniques I had posted about for the Kid Fabric post I had up on the Kid’s Clothes Week blog. One of the techniques that I thought would be a blast to try with A and C would be to tie dye some tees. And because white t-shirts are apparently ridiculously hard to find, I knew I’d have to sew them up anyways.  

I used the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern for all three of these. I think I should have sized them all up. I made a 4 for A and C and a 3 for L. Mostly because of the length, but I do want them to fit a little while still. I used a medium weight sport jersey that I already had on hand. And we went to Michaels to grab some dye. I didn’t want to go crazy, but did want them involved in their colour choices, so each kid picked one colour.

The tee that I’m mostly showing you guys here is C’s, since A and L were NOT into pictures… L was sleeping during our tie dye experiment, but A and C both did their own. I showed them using L’s how to twist and tie elastics, and once that was accomplished we each took turns putting them in the dye and soaking them as desired. We stuck to one colour each to make things a little easier since it was our first time.

The entire process did take a bit longer then anticipated. Since I wanted the neckbands to stand out a bit and not get tie dyed, I sewed this on in one of my last steps. Here is a quick rundown of how the process went:

  1. Sew tees EXCEPT neckbands;
  2. Do the ‘fun’ tie dye parts!! Knots and dyeing;
  3. Let them dry overnight still tied;
  4. Leave tied and rinse until no more dye comes out;
  5. Remove knots/elastics;
  6. Hang to dry;
  7. Sew on neckbands;
  8. Wash and dry in washing machine/dryer
  9. FINALLY!!! You can wear them 🙂 
See?!? Lots of steps! But that’s mostly because I wanted to make sure that the necks wouldn’t curl if I sent them in the wash before I put on the neckbands and I reeeaallly wanted those to contrast. 

Here’s a quick glimpse of how all three turned out colour wise. The kids looooove them! They have seriously worn the crap out of these shirts already. I’m thinking this may become a new summer tradition. Super simple yet super rewarding.

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