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KCW Day Two: I Solemnly swear…

This is my day two make for kid’s clothes week! I couldn’t get it loaded and onto the computer yesterday (or today actually… I’m having difficulty with my one camera card for some reason and loading it on my laptop). So this one is coming at you on day four! Ugh…. Oh well, point is I am making and keeping on track this season right 😉

This make is another one for C with a paneled front bodice piece. I received this panel in the same order as the don’t be smart panel, and as soon as this guy saw the Harry Potter on it he claimed it! I hadn’t originally bought it for him, thinking the image was a bit young/childish looking for him. But he did NOT care about that and said it was HIS no matter what…. Ummm, ok! I’ve never had such a strong reaction from him on anything I’ve bought to use for makes… So I was definitely sold!

After my first panel attempt, I decided to make this one with a raglan, to see if I could get the panel placement better and I am super happy with this one! I used Titchy Thread’s Safari Raglan which I’ve now made several times (here and here). I sewed up the size 5. And since I already had the pattern traced out, I just added about an inch to the bottom of the hem to make it work for C for length.

The panel is once again, from Whimsy Baby Customs and the black and white (back bodice) jerseys are Laguna jerseys from imagine gnats. The white laguna doesn’t quite match, but once I throw it in the wash I think it’ll be fine. Although Whimsy has said they’d start stocking just the plain white so you can have an exact match to the panel, so I’m interested to hear more about it when it comes in!

C is my only one really into Harry Potter, both the books (though he hasn’t gotten through a whole one yet) and the movies… I’m thinking that I may just splurge on the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the fall so we can read it at night together. He’s really surprised me over the past year or two by the amount of reading he does. Poor guy has literally devoured every chapter book I’ve given him AND his sister (yup, he’s read the Lili B. Brown mysteries and I think he was reading one of the Never Girls books I got for A at one point… I could be wrong…) So new books for him are definitely in order!

I’m hoping to get a couple more projects knock off my to sew list this week… Time will tell though how it goes, luckily, I haven’t had to pull out my seam ripper too much yet! Woohoo!

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