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KCW Day one : Don’t be smart!

It’s finally Kid’s Clothes Week (and yes, I absolutely meant to publish this YESTERDAY! oops), which means it’s time to put in that one hour a day for the week and see what you can get done! So, to start my week off right, I picked some super easy projects 😉

And by easy, I meant super easy! I sewed this up about two weeks ago, and then it sat unhemmed in pile WIPs pile…. So yesterday I finally pulled it out and hemmed it and I had one THRILLED boy! C doesn’t usually get much handmades, and I’ve sworn to change that this year…. It’s only taken me until now to see what he does and doesn’t like and go from there!

This guy has a personality of his own! And plain or just patterned tees don’t seem to quick cut it. Every once in a while yes, but not all the time…. Which brings me to this tee! I recently discovered custom fabric groups on facebook, specifically the ones that sell panels! How fun is that! You don’t need to worry about stenciling or finding your transfer paper that has mysteriously gone MIA and the detail is already done for you 😉

The only thing I’ve noticed with the couple of panels I’ve ordered to try are that they seem to be a tad short to fit my tall kids. So this meant I needed to do some coloublocking. I used the Rowan tee by Titchy Threads and chopped it a few inches below the neckline to create a second piece for the coloublocking. I also did the binding in the same knit as the top of the front bodice, which is an Art Gallery knit that I got from imagine gnats that is no longer in stock, boo! I also got lucky and matched the panel with a white organic knit (for the back bodice) I grabbed the last time I went down to the fabric district in Toronto. The panel itself is from Whimsy Baby Customs on facebook.

For sizing, I used the size 5 with an 8 length. Which worked out perfectly. Oh, and if you’re wondering, the panel reads ‘Oh don’t be a smart ass’. Which we had to explain to him with the donkey being the ass…. He thought it was funny (and he knows he’s not supposed to really say that! lol). He did really love the sketch of the donkey when he first saw it!

I’m already working on another quick tee, with another panel for this guy! I’m playing around with patterns to see how they fit and which ones I like better (I personally think the graphic is a tad low on this…). I’ll share it this week 😉 Are you making anything for KCW?

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    With love - by Eva
    August 10, 2016 at 7:12 am

    I really like the color block part, it spices up the shirt!

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