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KCW Day 2 & 3

It’s day 3 of Kid’s Clothes Week and let me tell you I have been pro.duc.tive! I think this is the most amount of projects I have ever made for KCW…ever! I spend day 2 making a bunch of white tees for the kids to play up the Kid Art theme, and I’ve got a Charlie dress that’s almost complete thanks to some sewing in this morning. But for now, I’m only going to be showing you the one tee today since it’s the only one that’s really complete.

When Girl Charlee released this vintage motorcycle jersey I could NOT resist. Ummm, hello, finally something that inspires me to sew for the boys! And not only that, but A has decided that she wants some of that motorcycle action too, so I’ve got some fun plans for it. But back to L and his shirt.

I used Made by Rae’s Flashback Skinny Tee pattern in a size 4T. He measured a 3T, which I sewed up for the tie dye shirts (which you will see soon), but I wanted this tee to fit him for a little while, or at least into the fall. It fits him really good, and I think from now on I will be sewing him the 4 (maybe I should also update my size chart…)! I cut the sleeve pattern piece at about 3″ past the bottom of the armhole, since I wanted a longer sleeved tshirt. And used a super soft grey jersey knit that I found in the clearance section at Fabricland. And for 3$/meter, definitely couldn’t go wrong!

So technically speaking, I’m not quite sure this tee is actually done yet. I wanted to try to make it work into the Kid Art theme of KCW by having L paint one or a few of the motorcycles. But since I don’t have any fabric paint yet (hopefully I will be going to the store tomorrow…) I’ll leave it as is for now.

How is your KCW going? Finished any projects yet? Have you tried out the Kid Art theme? Would love to hear what you guys are doing! The project pool looks awesome!!!

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