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KCW: Beetlejuice Bathing Suit

Kid’s clothes week was over on Sunday… And today I’m sharing my final make. A bathing suit! Yup… Another bathing suit for A!! Words cannot describe how much I now love swimsuit sewing. It’s definitely nothing like I thought it would be, in fact, it’s a lot easier.

For this suit, I sewed up Sewpony’s Cosi Swimsuit. And since I sewed it up last year, I’m not exactly sure of what size I sewed up, but I’m 90% sure that it’s the size 5 lengthened to a size 8. Thankfully, it was a bit long on her last year, but now fits her perfectly, with still just a bit of room to grow. Which is a good thing, because her last store bought swimsuit was on it’s last legs (with the elastics breaking apart with each wear lately).

For views, I loooove the amount of options that come with this pattern! There are 7 views, which if you want to can customize even more. This is view B, without the frills on the leg holes. I also went really simple and just did the halter neckline, rather then the crossback straps of some of the views. I love the simplicity of this! I was worried though at first that she wouldn’t find it comfortable, but no complaints, woohoo!

For the fabric I used a spandex that I grabbed out of my grand-maman’s stash two years ago. She had purchased it I think to make us girls (me, my sister or cousins) a swimsuit. And let me have a go at it when I asked if I could use it. I wanted to play up the stripes, so I cut the side panels of the suit crossgrain. Which since it’s a really good 4way stretch makes no difference really. The pink spandex is a happy surprise that Rachael sent me in my last order from her shop.

The funny part about that though, is I had desperately wanted to find a hot pink spandex last year, and couldn’t be bothered to order it online… I was too excited to sew up the swimsuit. But back to why I wanted the pink… I had hoped to do a sort of piping detail along the inside of the front panel pieces to tie in to the hot pink straps. Unfortunately, when I sewed the front together I couldn’t find any locally, so I skipped it and sewed on. Oh well, I’m still happy with it and love the pop of colour that the straps provide.

I definitely think I’ll be sewing up more swimsuits in the near future! I’ve got a couple I have printed out and some more patterns that I’d like to grab and try out. If only time was limitless 😉 That or you know, if I stayed up all night long!! But unfortunately four kids can tire you out. Oh and one more thing I really like about this swimsuit pattern…. The bum coverage! Not that you can really tell in these pictures, but while she’s wearing it, it never looks like it will ride up! And covers the bum really well. It’s got an almost retro look to the back tush area which I really like. I’m kind of digging the look of retro swimsuits this summer.

We’ve already got some good use out of it over the weekend! And this is probably one of those things I’m most proud of making at the moment. It’s turned out exactly how I wanted it and fits her perfectly. Can’t wait to sew up another one. Have you made any swimsuits this summer?

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    With love - by Eva
    August 17, 2016 at 5:45 am

    I loooove halter necklines! And I love the stripes!

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