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Joker Tees

I’m still in denial… That Halloween is a week away, that thanksgiving (here in Canada) has already come and gone, and that I’m seeing posts about snow in my facebook feed! I still can’t believe September and October are behind us!
Time has really flown! Which sounds so cliché, and I feel like I’m saying this week after week, but seriously, I feel like I haven’t seen the days go by at all. At this point in fall, we are full in to our fall/winter schedule with the kids, which means we’re at the rink pretty much 7 days a week (double it up on some days too!). So my sewing time has been super limited, that and add our on going renovation, I just haven’t had it in me to pull out my sewing machine really often lately.

Which is too bad because I have about a million projects all cut out and ready to sew. Yup! So to get back into the grind of things, I thought it’d be satisfying to whip up a couple more tees for L. I grabbed this panel/coord print from TKB Prints when they had some retail. Since we still have a Batman obsession happening, I thought it would be fun to add these Joker themed tees in the mix.

I may have inadvertently (or not) ordered some of the Batman fabric that’ll be included in this series in their preorder round. But this guy is loving these tees so much that I just couldn’t help myself! His face literally lit right up when he saw the fabric sitting on the kitchen table, especially the Joker, absolutely contrary to hubs who looked at it and pretty much said ‘who is this supposed to be?!?’. L loves the other tees I’ve made with the similar Flash panels, you can see them here and here. So these were a no brainer.

So for anyone who’s new to the panel/coord sets (like I was a few months ago!), a one yard cut will include approximately a half yard of the coordinating fabric (in this case the haha fabric) and four panels. Which means from this designer, I have two sets of each panel. So I’m really looking forward to using up the other two panels for tees for C. Especially since he claimed the ‘why so serious’ one as soon as he saw it!

But back to L’s tees… Pattern wise, I used the Safari Raglan from Titchy Threads (again!!!) I made the size 5 again for L, and as usual, it fits perfectly! This is probably one of my most used patterns. I love how easy it is every.single.time. I made these assembly line style in about an hour and a half (because you know… I somehow changed the tension settings and had to mess around with that for a bit)

The only things I’m currently debating is making the Haha tee into a pyjama set. I have a little bit of the fabric left, which made me wonder if I could sew up some sort of matching bottom to go with it. I just thought it might be too much print for him.

But he surprised me and almost wore this one to school today! So now I’m not sure… I think I’ll go through the amount of fabric I have left (not much… but there’s no sense wasting any! lol) and see what it is I could make with it. That way, if I don’t have enough to make PJs with it, I could use it for patch pocket details, or neckbands or dare I say undies?!?!? I’ve never gone into that territory before….

What do you tend to do with knit scraps? Save and hoard them? Have you made undies with them? I’d love to hear any suggestions 🙂

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