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It’s a Batman kinda tee

That’s right!! I finally made and finished something for the one of the boys this year! It’s pretty terrible it took me so long…. And his face when he found out he got something, well, this picture pretty much sums it up! haha
I’m not sure why it ever takes me so long to sew for the boys…. Everyone says it’s such fun to sew for theirs but darn it I neeeever know what to do for my guys. So low and behold they somehow always get pushed down on the sewing list. But man do I need to change that! Anyone up for a week of sewing JUST for the boys in our lives 😉
Back to this…. this is one of my few kid’s clothes week makes, that I just finally hemmed! L is in dire need of tees, so I pulled out a favourite, the Safari Raglan by Titchy Threads. When Laura makes a pattern, I tell you, she nails it! I’ve previously made the pattern during testing as an A line dress, ironically, in the same colour scheme as this tee, and it’s still in heavy rotation (even though it’s now become the length of a tee rather then a dress).

So for L I sewed up a size 5. According to the size chart I could have put him in the size 4, lengthened to the 5… But let’s be honest, he’s my most ‘average’ sized child when it comes to measurements and I really didn’t feel like fussing around with lengthening for once (not that it would have been difficult… but it’s just nice not to have to do it). The tee is a wee bit loose on him, but it doesn’t look baggy, so I’m really happy with how it turned out and it should last all summer.

For the fabrics, I used Laguna cotton jersey in royal and this super hero print by elvelyckan in Spoonflower’s modern jersey. I’ve heard mixed reviews about their fabrics and how they fade/hold up. But I’ve made a few things with it over the past few months (will share soon…. I swear!), and although it’s faded a bit in the wash, the majority of them have held up really well and I definitely would order it again.

Well my goofy 4 year old is super happy with his new ‘batman’ tee, and seeing as I have extra yardage, C is now requesting his own… Hopefully it doesn’t take me too long to make that one 😉

So how about you! Do you find it hard to sew for the boys in your life? Would you be interested in a sewing for boys kind of week where we could motivate each other?!

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    June 7, 2016 at 8:12 pm

    This colour combination works so well, no wonder you repeated it! Love his tee and how happy he is with it.

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