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Hockey PJ Bottoms

A little while back, I made a run out to the fabric store with all three kids in two. While we were there, C noticed some hockey print fabric that he ‘absolutely needed’. So I grabbed half a meter and called it a day (I figured if he likes it that much, he’ll be bound to wear whatever it is I make out of it!), and into the stash it went. 

Now with summer coming up and C ALWAYS out of PJs (I seriously have no clue where his pyjamas vanish to) I decided it was time to make some pyjama bottoms for him and what other fabric to use then hockey! In the summer! The boy is crazy about hockey (no matter the season), so even if hubs thinks I’m a bit weird for making him summer hockey pyjamas, well that’s too bad, I made him some anyways. 
Don’t you just love the faces this guy makes for me every time I try to take a pic?!?

I used the Basic Pants tutorial by Dana at Made again. I used (not sure the brand of the fabric) 100% cotton fabric for the bottoms. He was quite pleased when I finally got him to try them on (and has decided that he will be wearing them until bedtime). Next I have a skirt for A that I’ll be making and some basic pyjama shirts (so that I can sew up a ton more pj bottoms for these guys and never have to worry about matching tops).

Other then those sewing projects, I’ve also got a Spring KAL update for you (yes, finally, I’ve decided what I’ll do!) and a few things in the back of my head on what’s next…. The only thing is, finding the time to do it all! All of a sudden we’ve been super busy with the kids and activities (A and C started swimming about three weeks ago and, again, A and C started baseball last week….both rained out but it’ll be busy next week, especially with the plan to get L into swimming as well). 
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