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Ginger Jeans and a Hemlock Tee

First of all… Before I even begin, I want to say a HUUUUUGE thank you to the response I’ve received concerning Kid’s Clothes Week. I’ve been overwhelmed, not knowing where to start, and shocked that many of you find me creative/inspiring… seriously?!? I’m just another person out there sewing! And most of all I feel really honoured to be able to continue what Meg and Dorie have created! I’ll have a full post about everything later on this month… But for now… I just want to send a huge shout out to everyone!!
Ok… So I promised myself at the beginning of the year that I would start sewing more for myself! And we’re just getting into spring (weather that is) and I had still sewn zilch. It was about time to get out of this embarrassing self sewing rut.

As part of this plan, I had also hoped to take the Ginger Class hosted by The Workroom. I got lucky and my parents bought me the registration fee for my birthday (in March), the class took place this past weekend… But more about that shortly. To prep for the class I had to go out fabric shopping of course! I even made the trip down to Toronto and went to the fabric district! I got lucky and found this medium weight black on white striped cotton jersey at King Textiles.

When I found this fabric I knew immediately that it was going to become a Hemlock Tee. This one size pattern is probably one of my favs. Although this is the first I’ve sewn it up… Just about all my RTW tees have been this shape this year. The only thing I did to make it more summery was to skip the sleeves! I see a ton more of these in my future… Especially since it’s a quick and satisfying sew (think about an hour max!).    

Although I found some gorgeous fabrics at King Textiles… I still hadn’t found THE denim… So off shopping we went. We hit up a couple of other stores until we decided to make the trek down Queen St to The Workroom… Where I knew they’d stocked denim and all the notions you’d need for the class. I picked up this lovely Cone Mills denim and everything else necessary…. Man this stuff! It was a dream to work with! It’s so soft! And I’m pretty much on my third day of wear (that’s why it’s pretty wrinkly around the tush) and the recovery has been great so far!

So back to the class real quick. I can’t say enough how great it was! Since I mostly sew on my kitchen table and other then the interwebs friendships I’ve made through blogging/Instagram I don’t sew with others or talk to anyone face to face about sewing.. So it was nice to be in the studio sewing with a bunch of great ladies! But I think the best part was being able to learn tips, tricks and techniques for sewing the Ginger Jeans from Heather of Closet Case Files herself! And I’m pretty tempted to take another class at The Workroom… the ladies there are just amazing!

So some quick details about these Ginger Jeans… I sewed up a size 12, View A with View B’s skinny legs. per Heather’s fitting instructions… I took off 3/4″ on the side seams from the hips to the calves and 3/5″ on the inseam. I also took out a 1/4″ from the waistband. Fit wise, these fits great… Although they’re a tad loose around the waistband, so I might take out another 1/4″!

And look at those guts! I’ve had this scrap of quilting cotton in my stash since I made this top and skirt set. I always deemed it too pretty to destash it and boy am I glad I held on to it for this long!! Every time I go to put these on… these pockets just make me smile!

Although my stitching and finishing isn’t perfect… this has given me a huge boost of confidence and I’m ready to tackle my next project! I’ve got a pair of Morgan Jeans waiting to be traced, and some inspiration for a Ginger shorts hack that I can’t get out of my head! Not to mention all the kid’s things 😉

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    Lightning McStitch
    May 16, 2016 at 12:03 am

    Go Julie! Jeans are still on my sewing bucket list, but I like the idea of doing it at a "retreat" like that.

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