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Ghostbuster’s Halloween

Another Halloween has come and come, and with it, only one thrifted/handmade costume was worn! I’m actually pretty happy that one got finished! lol. This was an 11th hour make, since last week L decided that he no longer wanted to be Batman, but instead, a ghostbuster! The kids found the original Ghostbuster’s movie on Netflix last week, and it’s been on non stop!

So I really wasn’t surprised by his decision… And a tad happy I hadn’t started on the batman costume yet. This is when procrastination pays off 😉 So for his costume, I had grand plans of making him a coverall, and add patches and the likes. But I ended up thrifting the majority of his costume, which I’m glad I did. It was both much easier, and much quicker to accomplish! Here’s a quick recap of how we (because hubs definitely helped!) did it…

So for the pants, I just grabbed a larger pair of beige pants from the thrift shop, so it would fit over a pair of rain paints or even snow pants if the need arose! Thankfully, I did not! And the shirt is where all of the sewing went into. It was a men’s large, which I significantly brought it along the sleeve/side seam (about 3″ on each side). I then cut the sleeves to about an inch longer then his jacket, which I was using as a guide. And same with the bottom.

We then made a ghostbuster patch to go on his sleeve using felt and some white denim I had on hand and stitched it along the edges to keep it in place. And for the name tag, I freehanded the letters of his name on the sewing machine, then stitched it in place above the breast pocket that was already there.

The backpack was all hubs! He used a shoe box that he spray painted black, added some holes to accommodate this powder coating gun he had in his shop (the black box, wires and gun are all one system), and added a green tube we found at the dollar store to cover up some of the wires that go from the gun to it’s black box. To make it an actual backpack… We inserted one of L’s small backpacks in the shoe box and just left the straps as is. And finally, we pulled out a toolbelt from the dress up box to make a holster for the gun.

Overall, he absolutely loved the way it turned out! And the shirt and pants will find a home in the dress up box for a while. Meanwhile, we need to remake him a more usable dress up version of the backpack since the powder coating gun needs to go back in the shop haha. The two older kids wound up picking store bought over handmade costumes (A was going to raid the dress up box for this costume, but a friend lent her this one… And C, well his just wasn’t done and I found a Flash his size at the store… which he was just as thrilled to wear!… Oh and the babe, well J just wound up wearing a snowsuit haha)

Hope you guys had a lovely (and warm?!) Halloween!

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