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Getting our Groove On 2.0

Well… today I’m a bit stumped for words! I had all these plans for last week for both sewing and around the house. And I’m not sure what happened. It seems to me the more things that happen in a week the more I wind up losing myself. And it was only by the time Sunday rolled around that I felt like a lot had been lifted off my shoulders.

We’ve been trying to finish odd jobs around the house, and with the weather warming up start on the outside stuff. It was selfish sewing week and I had made plans, traced and cut out a ton of patterns and fabrics. C’s hockey tryout season started. And really phew!!!!!

It’s not to say that I physically couldn’t accomplish anything, but I think it was an emotional thing. On the outside I was fine, but on the inside I was running around trying to get everything sorted and in place and it didn’t always work out. In fact, my sewing saw a lot of seam ripper action, which I think made me realize it was time to step back for a moment and shut myself off from the world, you know, just for a day! And to get my head on straight again. Which is what Monday’s are for right?! A fresh week and a fresh start!

So to keep with that momentum, I present you another easy going groove dress! Because what screams more fresh and fun then an easy flowy knit dress!?! This is another one of the dresses I made during the testing period. It’s actually from the first version, has no neck options, just a simple binding and a hi low skirt.

This is the same size as the last one (5 I believe), with some stash knits I had grabbed YEARS ago when I first started sewing. I remember buying it because a) it was on sale and b) it had stripes. Since then I’ve learned what to buy and not buy and I always semi regretted having bought it and never knew what to sew with it.

And so, it sat in my pile of fabric shame, until the groove dress came along and I decided to use it as a quick muslin for this pattern and slowly fell in love with it again. And that stripe matching!!!! I think that was the ‘I’m over the moon in love with it again’ moment of it!

A loves this dress…. Just like the other one. This fabric is a little lighter then I typically like for knits personally but this makes for some great movement in the dress, and I’ll definitely have to rethink my weight preferences coming into the summer, since this would be perfect.

If you want to grab yourself a copy of the Groove Dress, you can always grab it here.

Happy Monday!

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    April 19, 2016 at 6:34 am

    I'm glad you decided to use that fabric, it looks perfect to me. I want to make one in fat stripes now too.

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