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Gentlemen of The Road – Date Weekend

Way back in February (around the week of Valentine’s Day), hubs called me from work asking me this: ‘Hey, I have patchy reception right now and was suppose to surprise you with these, but could you go online and buy tickets for Gentlemen of the Road’s Simcoe Stopover?!?’ When I put two and two together about WHAT Gentlemen of the Road was I just about freaked, of course I would! So here I was, about 20 minutes after he called, sitting in the kitchen table with my laptop, iPhone and iPad all on the website ready to get me some tickets (btw, I am a huge fan of Mumford and Sons, the headliners and who put on the entire show). After a bit of frustration, but finally getting through, I scored us some tickets and camping passes for this past weekend. And I am happy to announce that it was ABSOLUTELY worth it! But let’s just skip back for a little bit and let me recap the weekend.
It was a bit more of a festival then it was show. It started Friday afternoon and lasted until Saturday night. We had grabbed RV passes for the weekend hoping to rent or maybe borrow a trailer off someone we knew, but then that fell through 🙁 So, we made the most of it, and grabbed the camping gear. Since we were going to be tenting it out, hubs wanted to take the Mustang, it’s his prized baby. So we packed the car and headed down to Simcoe for what sounded like a weekend filled with fun (with NO kids!! Our parents were kind enough to take them for the weekend).
When we received our tickets in the mail we also received these passports. They included info about the town, a few things to do in/around town, info about the grounds and a bit about it’s activities (like an onsite farmer’s market) AND the fun challenge to get your passport filled with all the stamps of the weekend! If you know me, you know I love me a good passport filled with stamps (not that I travel a lot out of country or anything, but still, I love them!). So this was definitely going on our ‘things to do’ list this weekend.

On Friday, we spent most of the afternoon checking out the grounds and seeing was what going on on stage, find stamps, and checking out food vendors.

Friday’s lineup was Willy Mason, Phosphorescent, Dan Mangan and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. We hadn’t actually heard much of these bands before (if ever) and were both surprised and amazed at the music these guys had. You may look them up on YouTube (and I definitely recommend it) but it does no justice to how good they are live!

On Saturday there were more activities going on again. This time we started by going in town to check out the Street Fair that the stopover had brought with them and setup downtown.

Not only did the town go all out but so did Gentlemen of the Road! There was a fair area, a street dedicated to a kid’s zone, a table that took up an entire block for what would be a supper one night with tastes of Simcoe, street performers, 3 other stages setup in town where bands played throughout the two days, not including the pianos that lined the street leading from the festival grounds to the street fair that you could just randomly stop and play.

We also took time to check out the buildings on the festival grounds where the local hockey rick was turned into the ‘Polar Beach Pavilion’ and you could play beach volleyball/badminton or just rest in hammocks with a cold beer, the ‘Very Good Times Pavilion’ where we went old school roller skating to disco music (and you didn’t have to pay for skate rentals!), on top of all the other pavilions!

Now, Saturday’s lineup was Bear’s Den, Justin Townes Earle, The Vaccines, The Walkmen, Hey Rosetta!, Old Crow Medicine Show, Mumford and Sons and finally Yacht Club DJs. Not including the after show parties going on in the different pavilions. It was an amazing night! Unfortunately, that’s where my picture taking pretty much stopped, hubs and I were a bit too caught up in the music and dancing around to remember taking pictures haha!

Overall, we ended the weekend with a bang! It was such a blast, and I came home with all my stamps 😉

I must confess quickly, that I didn’t know a lot of these bands going in on the weekend other then Mumford and Sons and Old Crow Medicine Show but now, I am definitely adding them all to my future playlists! Mumford put on an amazing show and maybe one day hubs and I will be lucky enough to go to another stopover! Now let me leave with this video that I found on YouTube of the ‘closing act’ where all the bands came back on stage to close out the festival with a song from a local artist.

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