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Clear Heart Sudley

For a while now… I’ve been debating over a nice slightly boxy, not too fussy pattern that would showcase this beautiful Nani Iro print. I originally purchased it last year when imagine gnats had it in stock and could not for the life of me decide what to use it for! I almost used it for A… But thought that it wouldn’t last long enough to be truly appreciated. 
And so I searched for the perfect pattern. And honestly, it was hard! I don’t really wear woven tops, unless they’re button ups. And I just couldn’t make up my mind. Some options I had were the Scout Tee, the Beatrix Top and the newly released Sudley. Finally, I opted to grab the Sudley by Megan Nielsen (also… the release discount was probably a factor 😉 ). Although all are still on my wish list just to see how the fit is. But back to this top.

I cut and sewed up a straight L. And although my size was at that… I’m thinking I should have sized down to a M. It’s a tad big on me. The shoulders drop a bit from where they should sit and overall its really loose. But I’m liking the fit of this one and how flowy it is with this double gauze. I’ve got to work on my neckline finishings a bit still (they should really be a bit sharper where the ties are), but I’m learning to take my time a bit more… especially for things I make myself.

 Overall… I’m happily surprised with how it fits and love that the print is still the showcase. I wasn’t sure about the keyhole and thought I’d be wearing it in the reverse most of the time but I’m liking it more with the keyhole in the front then I thought I would!!! Yay for happy surprises!

Also… If you’re wondering about why my phone is in every shot… My camera has this nifty app I can download and use it as my remote! So no more loosing that little thing! Although for future reference, I’ll set up a timer so I can quickly hide the phone before the picture is taken 😉

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