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A Mustang Sullivan Dress

This past weekend was a long weekend, which means we took a bit of a mini vacation by heading north to the cottage. We left early and came back late. And let me tell you, man do we feel refreshed! And the kids, well since they stayed up super late and only breathed in fresh air, needless to say I may be enjoying some sleeping in from their part this week 😉
Before we left though I’ve been doing quite a bit of sewing! And I’m finally going to be starting to share some of it, on top of all the projects I’m currently working on as we speak… So today, I’m sharing with this Sullivan Dress by Sew Much Ado.

I had the chance, yet again, to pattern test for Abby. And let me tell you, pattern testing for Abby is always such a pleasure! You can see some of my other tests here, here and here. Now let’s talk about this dress, it has SOO many options! I sewed up view H in a size 5, with 8 length.

We’ve started horseback riding lessons last month, and A has found a new love for horses. That, combined with her love of maxi length dresses was the perfect opportunity to shop my stash yet again for this fabric!

I used this Mustang print by Melody Miller from Cotton + Steele’s first fabric collection. It’s on the unbleached canvas. I had been saving it for a bag of some sort, but decided that it was better used and loved then sitting on my shelf (I still have lots left I think for a bag anyways). Let’s speak about that substrate for a minute…. I didn’t think it would have been suitable for this, but decided to go against better judgement and test it out and I was SO wrong! It’s not too thick, although it does have structure to it, so it was perfect as the upper bodice, since it’s meant to sit above the skirt piece to give it almost a two piece look.

For the skirt portion I used a linen blend I had on hand that I grabbed locally. It’s light and airy, which gives some nice flow to the skirt. Next time I may add yet another inch or two of length so that it touches to floor, but I think she’s grown a bit since the last time I took her height measurements.

I think next time I’ll be doing the scallop hemline on the bodice with another maxi length. The girl sure does love the maxi… And those mustangs! If I don’t wind up using in for a bag maybe I’ll make her something else out of it 😉

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    August 4, 2016 at 8:44 am

    Really lovely. That mustang fabric is awesome!

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