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A Flash Tee

Lately, the boys have been obsessed with superheroes. I’m constantly hearing the boys ‘argue’ in a super deep voice to imitate Batman, flying like Superman, having super strength or running super fast like Flash.

It’s been interesting to see what L likes, and how it’s changed over the past year. Especially throughout the summer, he’s been sticking really close to A and C, which means whatever they like, he does. And whatever they don’t like (that he does) he’s usually quick to dismiss…. Like paw patrol. Which made me feel a bit concerned that maybe he’s not getting his voice out there enough, but then he has these moments that make me second guess it…. For instance, he proclaimed two weekends ago, after trying out the older kids’ kayaks, that he wanted his own, and it had to be pink!

This just makes me realize that I need to spend more one on one time with him, well all the kids really, but especially him. So anyways, on about the top! When I saw these panels by TKB Prints I just knew I had to get a hold of them! Especially since superheroes was something that he was more interested in and that the older two got hooked on. There are actually two panels in this ‘set’, this striped one that I’ve used here, and a ‘fastest man alive’ one as well. I sewed up both last night in about an hour. But only have pictures of this one for you today (yup, this is how you turned two basic tees that could have been one post into two posts!!).

This panel was about 1/2-1″ shorter then the panels from Whimsy, probably just because of cutting, but it made it so I definitely couldn’t use either of them for C. I was a bit bummed about that, since I had planned on the second one for him, but regardless, L needs tees more! For the pattern, I used the Safari Raglan again (previously made here, here and here), and made the size 5 and it’s about half an inch shorter due to the panel length. I paired it with a black jersey I had on hand from Fabricland, nothing fancy 😉

He absolutely loves it! And best part is… They’re talking about making more of this style panels with other superheroes (like batman!). So I’ll definitely be on the lookout for those, because this guy is definitely Batman obsessed. And now, my panel obsession continues….

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