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A chevron skirt

When I went in to Fabricland two weeks ago they had their summer line on sale for half the price. I couldn’t resist browsing and found this cute chevron print that A (who happened to be with me) loved. I figured I could do a quick skirt out if half a meter of fabric for her. I just sewed the two sides together and folded the top down for the elastic and had it all done in half an hour. But when I went to go hem it I had to have her try it on, just to make sure it hit at the right spot, well she fell in love with it (even if it was right between her knees and ankles and looked awkward). Well now I wondered, hem it while she’s sleeping or leave it and not have the drama?

In all honesty, I’ve decided to leave it, even if (to me) it doesn’t feel done. But you know what, sometimes you’ve got to pick your battles and this is one of them for me. If I hem it, it will create a lots drama and since she loves it so much, there’s no point ruining it. Next time I think I will remember to measure her first 😉

Up next for sewing….the Pleated Playsuit from Elegance and Elephants. I also have a backyard update coming soon 🙂

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