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2014 House Trends…What I’m seeing

In an effort to post a bit more about house related topics, I thought it’d be fun to start with a ‘house trends’ post. This is a mash-up of things I’ve noticed popping up a lot more in the past few months and how I think it will affect things this year.

White Walls 
White walls and rooms are awesome. They help put the attention on other things in the room that you love, but help keep the look clean and consistent. They don’t fight against other colours, but absolutely embrace them. They can also help make a space feel open and bright! This is also the perfect colour if you want to showcase a bold colour sparingly, since you won’t have to put much of it in the room to have huge impact.

Source: Fjeldborg

Black Walls
Yes, walls again, but am I the only one?!? Or have you fallen in love with this too? Black walls can actually have the same effect as white walls on colours, they will let them shine, or depending on how you use it they can be the star of the show. Most are afraid to paint a room a dark colour, but I think this one is worth trying out. If you’re not crazy about painting an entire room black, try it out on just one wall and to see how you like it! I’m definitely going to try to fit this into our home, hopefully this year.

Source: Unknown (if you know, please tell me so I can give credit)

Moroccan Inspired Tiles
I’ve noticed a lot more kitchens and bathrooms pop up recently with fun tiles, they seem very moroccan or even indian inspired. They have fun, intricate patterns and are usually in bright colours, but can also be found in more subdued tones for those that aren’t adventurous enough to go bright. A few suggestions, when mixed with a classic kitchen it can add an amazing texture to a backsplash or add for a really fun accent wall in a bathroom. They could also bring a big box store/builder basic type of kitchen to a whole new level!

Source: Unknown (again please let me know!) I found this one via CocoCozy
This term may be broad, since there are some awesome things to be found in this era, but I’m leaning more towards the furniture for this post. Either painted or left as is, it can look amazing in almost any room. It’s gained so much popularity lately that if digging through garage sales, estate sales and thrift shops for the perfect piece isn’t for you, many stores offer new versions inspired by the era 🙂 
And finally….Personal Style
You might be wondering why I included personal style in a list of trends, but I think it makes a lot of sense, since people seem to be coming out of their shell a lot more now and really inject their personality into their spaces. Spaces used to be the same kind of style before, but now with DIY and a whole slew of selections available to the market, we seem to have really taken it a notch by not only using more unique items but also personalizing everyday items, be it by using it in a new way or changing the way it looks. This trends folks, is here to stay!
Source: Gemmbook
Well folks, that’s my list. I’m loving all these things right now, and a few more to but these are really standing out to me. I’m curious to know, what do you think this year’s trends will look like? 

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